"Audition" By Eti Tsik, Tel Aviv University, 2011.

"Inta Omri" By Adia Imri, Tel Aviv University, 2013.

"Zayton", By Iran Riklis, 2013.

"The Visit" By Inbar Horesh, Minshar College, 2014.


T.V. Series:

"Stuck in the Net", By Ali Nassar, Channel One, 2014.

"Ha Hamama" Season 3, By Odded Loten, Nickelodeon Channel, 2014.



"Autumn Funeral" by Hanock Levin, Haifa University 2011.

"Finding the Dream", Geir Intaj Productions 2011.

"Can't Pay Won't Pay" Dario Fu, Geir Intaj Productions 2012.

"Conference of the Birds" By Farid Aldin Al Atar, Al Jeib Theater, Jerusalem 2013.

"Al Taghriba" By Amer Hlehel, Al Midan Theater 2013.

"Phaedra", By J. Racin, French Institute, 2013.

"Parallel Time Line", By Bashar Murkus, Al Midan Theater 2014.



Theatre studies, Art history. Hebrew university of Jerusalem 2008

Acting, Theatre department, Haifa university 2011



Acting Shakespeare "The twelfth night" by Teatre De Soliel, Haifa.

Acting Chekov by Ofira Henning, Haifa University.

Rasa Boxes, By Richard Schechner, Haifa University.

Puppet Theater by Noa Abend, Al Midan Theater.


Acting coach:

"Framewalk" , International Art workshops,  2011- 2012, Ghana, Germany, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso.

"Kabawil" Annual Production, "King Ed", "Food 4 Brain", "Simulacra" 2011-2013, Duesseldorf, Germany.


Prizes and Recommendations:

Best Student Actor, University of Haifa 2011, 2012, 2013.



Physical & Contemporary Dance Theater.

Puppet Theater.


Arabic, Hebrew, English, German