Location: Los Angeles

Hight: 5’ 5”

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Green



  •  2018, Sunset Prayer (Short), Charecter - Faduma

  •  2018, Lost Thekra (Short), Charecter: Thekra

  • 2015, Degrade, Lead, Directed by: Tarazan & Arab Nasser
  • 2015, I Really Hate My Ex, Charecter - Isabella, Directed by: Troy Byer
  • Mobster, Supporting, Directed by: Brian Eric Johnson
  • The vendor, Supporting, Directed by: AFI/Robert Weiermair
  • I really hate my Ex, Supporting, Directed by: Troy Byer
  • Stalemate, Lead, Directed by: Pablo Digenio
  • For Billy, Lead, Directed by: Michael Anthony
  • Min Dunya Tanya, Lead, Directed by: Sage Ewing
  • Letter to Hitler, Lead, Directed by: Joseph Assi
  • In Utero, Supporting, Directed by: Carlos Lopez Estrada


The Unaccepted Reality II (TV Series) 

 2013-2016FemaleShow (TV Series) 

  • Female Show-season 3, Series regular, Roy’a – Tima Shomali
  • Zein, Guest Star, MBC - Mohamed Hushki
  • The Mentalist, Guest Star, Warner Bros/CBS – Randall Zisk
  • Female Show-season 2, Series regular, Roy’a – Mohamed Hushki
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Supporting, THC - Tim Evans


  • Sarah's War**, Supporting, Hollywood, CA
  • For Billy, Lead, Hollywood, CA
  • Welcome Home, Soldier, Supporting, N. Hollywood, CA


  • Daniel’s Place, Lead, Christy Fiers
  • Art for Peace, Lead, Mark Pellington


Playhouse West – Advanced,